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Why Koatech

Why Koatech

Why Koatech

  • textile subsidiary materials
    Fusible Interlining
  • Glue
    Thermoplastic Powder
    PUR / POR / PSA
    Adhesive Webs and Films
  • automated facilities
    Scattering Coating Machine
    Single Dot Coating Machine/C
    Double Dot Coating Machine/C
    Fusing Press M/C, Hotmelt Coating & Laminating M/C

We use only high-class woven, knitted, DTY fabrics for our interlinings.

We have our internal dyeing, finishing, and stentering processes in-house.

Therefore, we have got full control of all finishing processes and can adapt qualities to customers’ all demands.

We have our own European and Korean Scatter, Powderdot, and Doubledot coating machines at Koatech.

Furthermore, we at Koatech have recently invested and also offer Linings (RFC) ready for coating.

We do not use dyed yarn to make our interlining fabrics and products cheaper.

All the raw materials we purchase are of the highest standars which we provide to our customers.

Our premium finishing processes give fabrics user-friendly properties, like crease resistance or a water-repellent finish.

We also make special recipes for other customers, such as coloring/finishing, according to customer requirements.

For this reason, we gained worldwide an excellent reputation for our knowledge, quality, capability, and high quality.

We mainly use virgin powder from European powder suppliers or from European suppliers who have production in Asia.

We do not blend fillers or recycled powder like other companies do.

Additionally, we have internal quality control not only for powder but for all chemicals and raw materials.

Our “Interlining Expert Team”, takes care of our superior qualities of different interlinings as well.

For every batch, we test fusing, washing, and dry cleaning properties for all interlinings prior to shipment.

Only with such an extended laboratory with all the necessary lab equipment, we can guarantee our high quality.

The Koatech team is proud to say that we supply the best quality interlinings made in Korea.

We work according to GRS (Global Recycle Standard) and are certified by the Control Union Korea Co., Ltd.

Koatech can provide the certificate of origin (Made in Korea).



Contact Us

Tel. 82.31.403.5206

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  • 15437 20-10, Byeolmang-ro 677beon-gil, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
  • E-mail : fuse@koatech.kr
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