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Specialized in coating/laminating facilities and related raw materials in post-processing fields Our company was established in December 2014 for the purpose of manufacturing automated facilities in the textile industry, It is a technology start-up venture company with coating/laminating facilities in the post-processing field and related raw materials as its business area, from the beginning of its establishment, R&D has been continuously promoted for technology development, centering on the research institute.

After the start-up, move into the Ansan Information Industry Promotion Center, establish a research department, register a factory, certify venture companies, and apply for patents It has been preparing the basic elements for the promotion of the project, and in 2016, "Small and Medium Business R&D Planning Support Project" and
"Start-up Growth Technology Development Project". "Industrial-Academic Cooperation Technology Development Project (Leap) in 2017" and "Startup Growth Technology Development Project of the Korea SMEs and Startups Agency in 2017", etc It was also selected as a national project project and was able to secure the original technology to develop innovative technologies Sales of raw materials used in textile processing, another part of the business, were also able to grow significantly.

Starting with exports to China and Taiwan in 2016, they continue to participate in the fair to explore overseas markets We are building a marketing network along with product promotion, and after completing the development of "Double dot coating" technology, Along with the previously developed machinery and equipment, we are preparing for full-fledged overseas export by forming a product portfolio of raw materials.

In addition, from 2017, the production plant was expanded and high-quality adhesive wick production based on "Dot coating technology" began, At the end of September 2021, the existing business structure (outdoor salt processing) secured its own salt processing process and is in the process of producing its own entire process, Sales growth is expected to accelerate, and based on this, we expect to stabilize management and increase the possibility of rapid growth.

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